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Siding Installation: Environmental Impact

Siding Installation: Environmental Impact, siding installation austin tx If your an Austin, TX homeowner and planning on replacing your current siding or choosing siding for a new home, it pays to consider the environmental impact that your selection can have. Often, a product that is bad for the environment can also impact your finances. Before you make a final decision about siding installation, you might want to reflect on the following factors.

Insulative Properties

You probably know that adequate insulation can help reduce your energy costs. Reducing your energy usage lowers your carbon footprint, thereby reducing the impact on the environment for generating the energy. However, you might not know that different types of siding have different insulative properties. Some siding is manufactured to include a foam backing that increases the insulation value. Whether you purchase siding with or without insulation, you want to ensure that the walls are rated at least R-13 to maximize the energy efficiency.

Siding Installation: Environmental Impact – Durability

Central Texas experiences a wide range of weather conditions. Summers can be scorching, springs can bring significant hailstorms, winters can be punctuated by occasional ice storms and high winds and thunderstorms can occur during any season. Choosing a durable siding that can withstand severe weather can save you money; selecting one that is easily repaired can also help protect the environment by extending the life of your siding.

Siding Installation: Environmental Impact  – Siding Disposal

No matter how well you maintain your siding, sooner or later, you will need or want to replace it. Before you select a new siding, you might want to consider whether it is likely to be recycled or end up in a landfill. If you are having old siding removed before your new siding is installed, ask your contractor how he plans to dispose of the existing siding. Sometimes, it is possible to dispose of old siding in more than one manner, so you may have the opportunity to choose the method that will be safest for the environment.

Siding Installation: Environmental Impact  – Access to Replacement Materials

Keeping a few extra boards stored in a dry, safe location can sometimes help ensure an aesthetically pleasing repair. This is especially true if you select a specialty color or siding style that may not be available in a few years. If no close approximation is available when you need your siding repaired, you may find yourself choosing between replacing all of your siding or living with mismatched panels that could potentially decrease your home’s value.

Siding Installation: Environmental Impact – Longevity

As a rule, the longer your siding lasts, the less impact it will have on the environment. It will also be better for your bank account and generate a better return on your initial investment. Whenever possible, choose a siding that will provide 40 or 50 years of beautiful, durable cladding rather than a siding that will need to be replaced in 15 or 20 years.

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