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Discontinued Roofing Shingles

Discontinued Roofing Shingles, austin roofing contractorsManufacturers of asphalt shingles frequently change their product lines. They may discontinue a specific color or an entire line of shingles for a variety of reasons, including changes in the manufacturing process, a lack of sales or the need to free up production for a more lucrative product. Sometimes, product lines are discontinued when it becomes obvious that the design was defective. However, just because the shingles have been discontinued, you should not assume that they were defective. Discontinued Roofing Shingles are still present on many homes and continue to provide excellent coverage.

Homeowners are often unaware that their shingles have been discontinued until the roof suffers damage. If the damages are sufficient for the insurance company to approve complete replacement of the shingles, you typically have little to worry about. However, if the damage exists on only one side of the roof or the insurance company feels that repairs can be made, discontinued shingles may present challenges.

Your Policy and Your Insurance Company Determine How Discontinued Shingles Are Handled

How your policy is written and your insurance company’s internal guidelines can decide the way that a damaged roof will be handled. The best insurance companies and policies will often cover the replacement of all shingles if the existing shingles have been discontinued as long as the damage is sufficient to require replacement over a substantial area. There is no universal number that is used to define “substantial,” but in general, the greater the damaged area, the greater the likelihood that the insurance company will approve a complete replacement.

The wording of your policy can also affect what the insurance company will cover. For example, some policies state that coverage is limited to just the plane that suffered damage or that damages will only be repaired. Other policies limit payment for the removal of existing shingles to a single layer regardless of whether this violates local building codes. Most policies state that they will cover replacing “like with like,” meaning that the insurance company must pay for replacement shingles that are as similar as possible to the existing shingles. For example, if the existing shingles are 30-year architectural shingles, the company is not supposed to insist that the replacement shingles need to be one-dimensional three-tab shingles with a 20-year warranty.

Tips for Handling Damage to Discontinued Shingles

The first step is to ask a reputable, experienced roof contractor to inspect your roof. You should do this before you call your insurance company. Experienced contractors know that discontinued colors or shingles may still be in the manufacturer’s inventory; they will also know whether identical or nearly identical shingles are available under an alternative color or product name.

Read your policy carefully, including the fine print. The more that you know about your coverage, the easier it will be for you to understand what the roofing contractor tells you. Your knowledge can also help you determine whether contractors and adjusters are being honest with you.

Roofing contractors will typically ask whether he can be present when the adjuster dispatched by your insurance company performs his inspection. Your contractor may be able to point out damages that the adjuster might overlook, for example, or explain why opting for repairs over replacement could be more expensive in the long run.

Alpha Roofing Knows Asphalt Shingles

Alpha Roofing is a leading roofing contractor serving homeowners and commercial property owners throughout Austin and Central Texas. A high percentage of the roofs that we install are subject to independent inspections by either city inspectors or insurance companies. All installations are handled by professionals who work exclusively for Alpha Roofing, allowing us to deliver exceptional results at reasonable rates.

In addition to installing asphalt shingles, we also offer metal roofing systems, roof repairs,  chimney repairs and flashing repairs. In addition, we install skylights, and siding. If you would like more information about Discontinued Roofing Shingles or would us to inspect your roof and provide you with a free quote; simply call (512) 777-1086 or send us your information by completing our online form.