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A Dip Or Sag In Your Roof

A Dip or Sag in Your Roof, roofing company serving Austin, Tx and the Central Texas, roof replacement cost, roof repairWhen you stand on the ground and look at your roof, you want to see crisp, straight lines and level planes. If your ridge line has begun to resemble a swaybacked horse or you can see obvious low spots in the surface of your roof, it is time to call a reputable roofing contractor. Dips and sags can have a variety of causes. Some of these underlying causes can be easily and economically remedied, but others may require extensive repairs. In some cases, the problem is mainly cosmetic, but in other cases, the integrity of your home’s interior could be threatened. Only a qualified professional can determine the precise cause of sags and low spots in your roof, but the most common causes are discussed below.

What Causes It?

Water Penetration

Water that has penetrated beneath your roof covering can rot the decking as well as the wood in your trusses, rafters and other structural supports. If the damage is confined to the decking, you may see low spots in the roof plane. If the ridge board, trusses, rafters or joists have been damaged, you may see low spots, a dip in the ridge line or both.

Structural Defect

Structural defects may be the builder’s fault, but more often, they occur when a homeowner makes modifications that weaken the supporting components. For example, a homeowner might remove center boards from trusses to make more room for storage in the attic or remove part of a rafter to install a skylight or window.

Impact Damage

A tree branch or other heavy object that falls on the roof can break the decking underneath the point of impact. If the object is heavy enough, rafters and trusses can also be damaged. There have even been instances of very large hail cracking the decking, particularly on roofs with asphalt shingles that have become severely deteriorated.

Warped Decking

The plywood used for decking can become warped at the edges, especially if supporting clips are not installed or installed incorrectly. Warped decking can also be caused by an inadequately ventilated attic.

Resolving Sags or Dips in Your Roof

If you notice a sag or dip in your roof and need roof repair, your first step should be to contact a reputable, experienced roofing contractor and ask him to inspect your roof. He can determine the exact cause of the roof problem and advise whether the issue needs to be remedied immediately or postponed until you need to replace your existing roof.

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