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Crooked Roofers

Crooked RoofersThe construction industry has its share of crooked contractors. From plumbers to painters, there are unscrupulous people who will take advantage of homeowners or commit outright theft. Unfortunately, there are also a number of crooked roofers in Texas, and if you happen to hire one of them, you may never recover your money. Here are some tips on how to avoid crooked roofers.

Crooked Roofers – Deal With Roofers You Call Yourself

Whenever an area suffers a major hailstorm or damages from high winds, the “gypsy” roofers appear. Because most of them do not have a local phone number — and many do not even have an office in their home city or state — they knock on doors to solicit business. Although some are legitimate roofing contractors, many more are shady characters if not crooks. They may ask for a substantial down payment and then disappear with your money. They might actually install a new roof, but they could substitute inferior materials or perform shoddy work. Should problems develop after installation, you will probably never be able to track them down. Be proactive about selecting a roofer, and choose someone you know will be around after the work is finished.

Do Your Homework

When selecting a roofing contractor, ask for local references. Reputable roofers can provide you with several references for jobs that they have performed recently in Austin. Take the time to contact these customers; ask them how satisfied they were with all aspects of the work. Check the roofer’s rating with the Better Business Bureau. Visit the company’s website and read testimonials or comments. Perform an online search of the company’s name just to see what information might be available.

Hold On Tight to Your Money

Legitimate roofing contractors seldom ask for a down payment unless there are special circumstances related to the job, and if a down payment is required, it rarely exceeds 10 percent of the total job. Crooked roofers will often demand a large down payment or even insist that you pay for the entire job in advance. They may tell you that it is “standard practice” or that they need to pay for the materials. If you pay for the work in advance, there is a good chance that you will never see the roofer — or your money — again, especially if you pay in cash.

Insist on Documentation

Get everything in writing, and get copies of everything. The quote should detail the quality and quantity of materials to be used, provide an estimated start and finish date, state the total cost, detail any applicable payment plan and itemize any miscellaneous costs, including disposal fees for roofing materials removed. The roofer should provide you with proof of insurance coverage that you can verify. At minimum, the roofer should have general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. You should also receive the company’s physical address, office telephone number and email address. Retain copies of all documentation and your receipts for the life of your warranty.

Take the Easy Way — Just Call Alpha

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