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Church Roofs – Experience Required | Austin, TX

Church Roofs - Experience Required | Austin, TX, austin commercial roofingInstalling asphalt shingles on a small ranch-style house is normally not all that complicated. The roof line is typically simple, the shape of the structure is often rectangular and most homes have a relatively low roof pitch. When it comes to repairing or installing a church roof, however, you need someone with extensive experience in the unique challenges presented by the architecture used for most churches.

Church Roofs – Experience Required | Austin, TX

Common Challenges

Churches can be built in a variety of architectural styles, and each style can employ different roof elements. However, the following list covers the challenges that are commonly encountered when roofing churches in Central Texas.

• Steeples are traditional components that have been used in church architecture for centuries. Whether the steeple is topped with a weathervane or used to house bells or a clock, it is subjected to a great deal of harsh weather. High winds could lead to missing roofing materials, and large hail could cause significant damage. Missing and damaged materials may not be noticed for many months or even years. In addition, because it is difficult to access the area surrounding the point where an adjoining roof meets the base of the steeple, damaged flashing may not be identified until a leak occurs.
• Many sanctuaries have very steep roofs, requiring special equipment if they are to be accessed safely. As a result, metal roofs may go unpainted, flashing may not get replaced, damaged fascia may not be repaired and damaged or missing shingles may be ignored.
• Flat roofs are common on many auxiliary buildings, including church gyms, offices and annexes. A flat roof that lacks proper drainage or with clogged drains is more prone to leak. In addition, if mechanical equipment is located on the roof, the roofing material can be damaged when technicians install or service the equipment.
• Built-in or concealed gutters are often found in older churches, especially those featuring classical styling or elaborate cornices. During the 1700s, concealing the gutters and downspouts from view was considered an architectural detail necessary for high-style public buildings, including churches. However, since out-of-sight often means out-of-mind, concealed gutter systems can become clogged or damaged, resulting in leaks that can be difficult to trace.

Most inexperienced roofing contractors simply do not have the equipment and knowledge to deal with the challenges posed by many church roofs. If you select the wrong contractor, the results could be extremely disappointing. For example, you might discover that you paid for a repair that did not stop the leak, were advised to replace a roof that could have been salvaged by a repair or wound up spending far more for a series of repairs than a new roof would have cost. You need a trustworthy expert who can advise you of your options and explain the benefits and drawbacks involved. You need a specialist who understands the construction techniques used to build your church, has a crew with the training and experience to handle the job safely, is willing to stand behind his work and who has the special equipment needed to complete your project on time and within budget.

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