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Can You Re-Roof a Home in the Winter?

Yes, in Austin and the rest of Central Texas, roofing contractors routinely handle reroof jobs year-round. There may be days when starting a job is not advisable, such as the day before a massive storm system is due to hit the area. However, although many people believe that roofing cannot be applied if the temperature drops below a certain point, cold weather is rarely an issue in any U.S. location. Experienced roofing contractors know precisely what steps must be taken to ensure a quality installation, regardless of the season.

re-roofThere are two common myths regarding the installation of asphalt shingles during cold weather. The first is that asphalt shingles are self-sealing and the sealant requires hot weather to work. The second myth is that cold weather makes shingles too brittle to handle. Both myths have a small basis in fact, but neither issue is insurmountable.

Self-sealing shingles do need heat to seal properly. When installed during cold weather, the seal will not be fully activated until temperatures rise. Contractors counter this issue by installing a small amount of roofing cement to the edge or corner or each shingle as it is nailed into place. This keeps the shingles secure and protects against blow-offs. Some of the heavyweight shingles do not even need this additional step — their weight alone will keep them in place until warm weather activates the self-sealing properties.

The second myth has arisen from various misconceptions. It is true that shingles are more brittle when they are extremely cold. For example, homeowners walking on a roof during cold weather have noticed that their weight cracked shingles. In many cases, however, the shingles were old or already damaged by hail — the additional weight simply hastened their failure. Some homeowners also fail to realize that experienced roofers know how to handle shingles properly; whether the weather is hot or cold, certain techniques must be used to prevent damage during installation. In addition, manufacturers of roofing materials have made great strides in recent decades, creating shingles that are specifically engineered to withstand extreme weather. For example, there are shingles that can be installed even during a brutal winter in Alaska and interlocking styles designed to withstand the high winds of a Nor’easter.

Your roof is not a “fair-weather friend.” It protects your home year-round, whether the temperature is in triple digits or below freezing. In other words, shingles are “made to take it.” This means that they are also made to allow installation to occur whenever needed.

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