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Austin Roofing & Your Exterior

Austin Roofing & Your Exterior, austin roofing contractorsMost homeowners put a great deal of time and effort into their interior décor. They may spend hours looking at paint chip samples to find the perfect color for the bedroom walls, fret over window treatments for the living room or spend several weekends browsing antique stores to find the perfect statement piece. To many people, it is all about turning their creative vision into reality and having the home of their dreams. However, your dream home has an exterior that also needs your sense of style.

Whether you recently purchased a home, are planning to sell your current residence or just want to make some changes, you should pay as much attention to the exterior design as the interior. Your home’s curb appeal generates the first impression that neighbors, potential buyers and visitors will have about you, your taste and the overall condition of your property. Even if the interior is in perfect condition and exquisitely decorated, an exterior that lacks visual appeal can generate a negative impression that may prove difficult to overcome. If you want to improve your home’s exterior appeal, these tips can help.

Austin Roofing & Your Exterior -Pay Attention to Your Roof

A damaged or aging roof can negatively affect your home’s appearance. Broken asphalt shingles or wood shakes, asphalt shingles that are missing their granules, sagging areas that may indicate damaged decking or roofing materials that are obviously different in color are just a few of the things that could make your roof — and your home — appear poorly maintained and unattractive. Modern homeowners have many roofing options available. Asphalt shingles and metal roofing systems are available in numerous colors and many styles, making it easy to choose an option that fits your architecture, design plan and budget.

Austin Roofing & Your Exterior – Update Your Siding

For many years, vinyl siding was wildly popular as an inexpensive way to avoid repainting. Although vinyl siding remains a common choice, an increasing number of homeowners are returning to wood siding or choosing alternatives such as fiber-cement siding. Both of these types of siding can withstand hail and other impacts better than vinyl, both can be painted whatever color you desire and both can remain beautiful for decades if given proper maintenance.

Austin Roofing & Your Exterior – Use Color Creatively

Some color palettes are dated and overused. For example, one extremely common choice is to paint a house white and choose green, blue or brown for the trim. Many homes sided with red bricks sport white trim. Other overused paint colors include pale yellow, cream, baby blue and pale green.

When painting your home, consider choosing a vibrant color — if your HOA permits — and select forest green, sunflower yellow or ocean blue. Be creative when choosing trim colors as well. Gray and black are excellent colors for the trim on traditional homes with red bricks, but red trim can be appealing if the façade features gray bricks. If a drastic change makes you nervous, consider starting with small touches that can be easily changed. For example, paint your shutters or your back door to decide whether the color is right for your home.

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