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How can I tell if my home has adequate ventilation?

adequate ventilation, Austin TxProper ventilation in your home is essential to the health and comfort of your family. It is also essential to the health of your home itself. Ventilation helps remove smoke, odors, humidity and pollutants from your home, and it also helps exhaust hot air from your attic.

Here are some signs that your home may be lacking proper ventilation:

• Damp insulation in the attic, often caused by condensation. This condensation can make the insulation less effective, and it can also penetrate to your interior ceilings or walls where it can cause electrical wiring to short-circuit.
• Mold or mildew in unexpected locations. A bit of mildew or mold around a tub enclosure or shower stall is not completely unexpected, given the humidity levels that are common in Central Texas. However, when these growths appear on closet ceilings or bedroom walls, you might have a ventilation problem.
• Difficulty cooling your home or significantly higher energy bills. Without proper ventilation, hot air will collect in the attic. A heat exchange can occur, meaning that the air you are paying to cool is being drawn into the attic and traded for hot air.

Texas law specifies that the ratio between attic floor space and net ventilation area should be 150 square feet to 1 square foot. This means that if you attic contains 2,100 square feet of floor space, you must have at least 14 square feet of ventilation. Ventilation devices must be securely fastened to the roof deck for wind resistance.

If you have an exceptionally humid, hot attic even with adequate through-the-roof vents, you might need additional vents that allow for cross-ventilation. These vents are typically installed in the walls at the top of gables or soffit. However, determining the type and placement of attic vents is best left to a roofing professional.

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